A different kind of board meeting

Online since 24-04-2020
On 23 April, the board gathered virtually for a board meeting via Skype to discuss the progress on most important CLIMMAR topics for this year.
The board decided to compile and sent out a short survey for mapping the current and expected situation amongst dealers in the member countries. It will be a digital survey with to the point questions and easy to fill out by means of multiple-choice answering possibilities to ensure an easy and quick answering and to enhances the chances for a good response rate. 

As planned meetings such as this year’s CLIMMAR spring meeting couldn’t take place and as the chance of having a ‘normal’ congress in October this year is small, the board proposed to organise these meetings in a different way. The spring meeting will take place via videoconferencing somewhere late May or early June. The board also approves the idea of organising an alternative for the planned congress in Budapest. 

Furthermore, an important remark was made by President Erik Hogervorst, that for him the planned election for a new President this year is not really a good option. The current circumstances simply will not allow a good, solid and fully prepared transfer of Presidency this year. So he offers to postpone the election of a new President to 2021 and is ready to serve as a President of CLIMMAR until that time. The same is the case with the Secretariat / SG. The board welcomes this idea.