Inside Agri-Turf podcast ‘Riding the Waves’

Online since 02-03-2021
Chris Biddle from the Inside Agri-Turf podcast recently interviewed CLIMMAR President Erik Hogervorst and Keith Christian from BAGMA, the UK's representative on CLIMMAR.
Biddle says that “in many respects, the Agri-Turf industry is still very much part of the European collaboration network and organisations like CEMA and CLIMMAR, both on a European as on a national scale, are essential. Particularly for dealers who are mostly family-owned businesses. For there is much to be said for strength in numbers.” Exactly what CLIMMAR is about by representing over 19,000 European farm and turfcare machinery sales and service dealers. 

In the Inside Agri-Turf podcast episode ‘Riding the Waves’, Biddle discusses with Erik Hogervorst and Keith Christian about dealer contracts, recruitment and training, handling of data, the DSI, the future of shows and about the RMI legislation. 

Reflecting on the past year and prospects for year ahead in this COVID-age, Erik Hogervorst says that dealers take a long-term approach and are used to 'riding the waves' of external influences on their businesses whether it be weather, the economy - or a pandemic.