CLIMMAR Structure

CLIMMAR is a network of 16 national associations and their member companies. The General Assembly meets once a year, usual during the annual CLIMMAR Congress which is organized by one of the CLIMMAR member associations. One of the tasks of the General Assembly is the election of The Presidency. 

The Presidency is made up of the President and two Vice-Presidents who must be designated by their national member organisation of CLIMMAR. The President is elected for an office of 3 years. The president is re-electable normally one time, maximum two times.

Another task of the General Assembly is the setting up of special CLIMMAR Working Groups in which specific issues are dealt with in the interest of CLIMMAR.

The day-to-day work and contacts with other organisations are managed by the Secretariat of CLIMMAR, with additional support from the national associations.
The current President of CLIMMAR is Mr. Roberto Rinaldin.