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The international dealership network of 16 national associations and their member companies in the Agricultural Machinery and Equipement sector

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02-07-2021 - UK CLIMMAR member BAGMA sold to the Agricultural Engineers Association

The British Independent Retailers Association (Bira), has transferred the ownership of BAGMA, the British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association, to the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) with effect from 1 July 2021. Read more

15-06-2021 - Our latest Report of Activities is out

Download the CLIMMAR Report of Activities to learn all about CLIMMAR and its 16 members. Read more

10-06-2021 - Deadlines Stage V (engine) transition postponed

CLIMMAR welcomes the EU extension of the dates of the use of transition engines (built in 2019) in the power range 56 kW - 130 kW. Read more

22-03-2021 - Loïc Morel new president of Sedima

Loïc Morel has been elected new president of Sedima, the French National Union of Machinery Service and Distribution Companies agriculture, green spaces and specialised trades. Read more

08-03-2021 - President's note: Let’s look forward together!

The year 2020 was a year we will never forget! The impact on the business was not so big overall, but the impact on our lives has been immense. Read more


Erik Hogervorst

The year 2020 was a year we will never forget! The impact on the business was not so big overall, but the impact on our lives has been immense.  

If somebody had predicted the world would be in lockdown for more than one year, we would not have believed him or her! Today, most of our lives are affected by the pandemic in one way or another. We have seen our way of life and work change overnight and while we first thought it would be for a short period of time, we now realise it will be there for the long run. However, the restrictions also made changes possible that otherwise would have taken years. In the 90’s, our way of working changed in a decade because of the mobile telephone and the Internet. And now, teleconferencing has managed to change our way of working in less than a year!  

What does this mean for the future? We have seen new initiatives like online exhibitions where we have to evaluate what the potential is. We saw one major exhibition being postponed for almost four months while another is still scheduled for the third quarter of this year in the expectation that this will be possible. And even if customers will want to come. Big manufacturers hesitate on what to do. Some cancel participation here in Europe but join exhibitions in other parts of the world. 

CLIMMAR will continue to develop strategies, position papers, surveys and lobby activities as a professional (lobby) organisation to represent European agricultural and garden machinery dealers. Because it is not the strongest, nor the most intelligent of the species who survive, it is those who are most adaptable to change (by Charles Darwin).  

Please have a look at what CLIMMAR is doing and maybe we can cooperate and work on it together...  

Let’s look forward together!  

Yours sincerely, 
Erik Hogervorst
President of CLIMMAR