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24-01-2020 - Tim Europe to accelerate lifelong learning in European countries

At the beginning of this year, CLIMMAR members Belgium, Hungary, Poland and The Netherlands made the first agreements to elaborate a new project called Tim Europe. Read more

17-01-2020 - CLIMMAR intensifies lobby work for RMI in 2020

CLIMMAR has been granted an EU subsidy by the European Small Business Standards organisation to further intensify its highly technical and complex (lobby) work. Read more

13-01-2020 - CLIMMAR Vice President Ludger Gude addresses LTU audience

Ludger Gude, CLIMMAR Vice President, was one of the speakers at the recent "LTU Tage" (Agricultural Entrepreneur Congress) in Würzburg, Germany. Read more

20-12-2019 - CLIMMAR season's greetings

CLIMMAR wishes you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year Read more

19-12-2019 - The future is being (re)shaped

In 2019, CLIMMAR took the opportunity ánd challenge to look into the mirror and evaluate its own achievements and set future targets. Read more


Erik HogervorstLet’s make 2020 the brightest year ever


It’s official now, the UK has left the European Union and its internal market. For us dealers, this does not change the way we work together. The more and more global market strengthens the need to work together. Only together we can face the challenges of tomorrow.  

The year is still young but the challenges are great. What will the new CAP regulation bring for our industry? How will the discussion on the details of RMI influence the way we work? What will be the consequence of remote diagnostics for our workshops? Will we be able to find the mechanics with telematic skills to do the job?

The national approach of environmental issues within and beyond the internal market creates big differences in the mechanisation needs of our customers. This puts a lot of stress on the dealers, because the bigger manufacturers get, they sometimes aren’t able to follow on these specific needs and dealers are forced to adapt the machines to their markets with all the consequences of product responsibilities and liabilities. 

There are a lot of uncertainties, but on the other hand we see a graduate increase of the CLIMMAR index. Dealers are more satisfied with their manufacturers and for the first time in years, the European agricultural machinery market is more stable than in other parts of the world. We have bright possibilities ahead where Farming 4.0 opens up new business models for training and education of customers or data analysis for example.  

Within CLIMMAR, there is great consensus to continue on the path of making CLIMMAR stronger. We see the results of our increased activities over the last years and want to continue to really make a difference for our members. This year will be important in this perspective, important choices on the future of CLIMMAR are to be made. I'm looking forward to face these challenges and create an even brighter future for CLIMMAR and more importantly, for its members. 

Let’s work together and make 2020 the brightest year ever!  

Yours sincerely, 
Erik Hogervorst
President of CLIMMAR