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The international dealership network of 16 national associations and their member companies in the Agricultural Machinery and Equipement sector

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01-10-2019 - CLIMMAR press conference at Agritechnica

CLIMMAR will be organising its press conference on 11 November. Read more

30-09-2019 - Our newest Report of Activities is out

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23-09-2019 - CLIMMAR at the Agroshow in Bednary, Poland

CLIMMAR Secretary-General Jelle Bartlema recently attended the Agroshow in Bednary, Poland, to present the CLIMMAR activities to the members of the Polish association PIGMiUR, member of CLIMMAR. Read more

29-07-2019 - 66th CLIMMAR Congress in Thun, Switzerland

After 14 years, the CLIMMAR Congress returns to Switzerland. Member Agrotec Suisse is organising the 66th Congress taking place in Thun. Read more

23-04-2019 - CLIMMAR co-signs EU CoC on Agricultural Data Sharing

CLIMMAR is happy to announce co-signing the EU Code of Conduct on Agricultural Data Sharing. Read more


Erik HogervorstIn dialogue with manufacturers on DSI


The press release on the results of the Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) published late 2018 led to successful international press coverages ánd attracted the interest of various tractor manufacturers. 

As a spin-off from this press release, CLIMMAR has already had several meetings with manufacturers on the results of the DSI. In January of this year, discussions with Claas and Kubota have taken place. Both manufacturers have indicated that they consider the DSI activity of CLIMMAR to be a good initiative and have expressed their willingness to work together to see how reasons for improvement that result from the DSI results can be jointly addressed. An open, clear and transparent dialogue is the first starting point to achieve this. 

Step into the dialogue! 

CLIMMAR is very pleased with this commitment by both manufacturers and will work on further steps to facilitate this open and transparent dialogue and cooperation on the DSI. CLIMMAR sincerely invites and encourages other manufacturers to step into the dialogue as well. 

Yours sincerely,
Erik Hogervorst
President of CLIMMAR