CLIMMAR Working Groups

There are 7 Working Groups active within CLIMMAR. Each working group is responsible for initiating and advising on one or more specific activities. In each Working Group several member / countries are involved. The supervision over the activities is done by the President or one of his Vice-Presidents. The working groups relate to

- Education
- Branch & Market Data
- Exhibition
- Gardening
- Dealers Contract
- Dealers Satisfaction Index (DSI)
- Innovation

Working group Education
Chair: Wim Overeem

  • Improving the quality of vocational education for agrotechnics in the participating countries and striving for European uniformity.
  • Promoting the influx of well-educated young people into the agricultural industry in the participating countries.
  • A well-functioning and active educational working group that meets twice a year.
Activities developed in 2023
  • Working group meeting at Euroskills
  • Working group meeting Paris
  • Workshop part 1 (online) & part 2 (live) European internships exchange October Gdansk

Activities planned for 2024 
  • Workshop part 3: Internships exchange - 24 January 2024
  • Event at the Dealer Days in Belgium – 14 March 2024
  • Certification Workshop participants - 14 March 2024
  • Working group meetings spring and autumn
Country Name of representative(s)
Netherlands Mr. René Kapers
Netherlands Marion Blaauboer
Netherlands Erik Koopmans

Working group Branch & Market Data
Chair: Germany (Ulrich Beckschulte)
  • Counting data from national associations about national markets: turnover, membership-levels, relations
  • Collect data of enterprises for EU benchmarking due to turnover structures, frames for employees
  • Collect market trends and create EU-index
  • Collect current warranty-conditions
  • Compare national regulation on traffic items like driver licences, weights, brakes, regular machinery checks Activities developed in former years.:

Presentation of:
  • branch reports due to national figures
  • branch reports due to national members averages
  • warranty conditions
  • trend reports (twice a year)
  • special items (extra, if done)
Activities planned for 2024:
  • Keep a high participation level on existing surveys
  • Develop existing surveys onto relevant market-aspects
Country Name of representative(s)
Germany Ulrich Beckschulte
Sweden Lina Hallman
Austria Raphael Klobassa
Hungary Dr. Viktor Medina

Working group Exhibition 


  • Sharing best practices in organising exhibitions,
  • Promotion of exhitions organised by CLIMMAR members,
  • an attemp to identify the challenges and directions of development of Agricultural exhibitions in the perspective of a few years.
Activities developed in 2023
  • A survey to group members in order to obtain basic information about organized exhibitions,
  • Presentation of collected information at the next on-line meeting.
Activities planned for 2024
  • Determining the schedule for the presentation of exhibitions by individual organisations,
  • After all exhibitions have been presented, start work on the electronic exhibition catalog
  • Sharing best practices of organising exhibitions,
  • Visiting exhibitions organised by CLIMMAR members,
  • Discussion on the future of exhibitions.
Country Name of representative(s)

Working group Gardening
Chair: Isabella Fontana

The group will share at the European level what are the common themes for the different countries to work on, based on the dealers of the DSI results and will work on the first 3 themes that will emerge
The objective of the working group is to support the activities of European dealers by collaborating on topics of common interest through listening to dealer needs

Activities developed in 2023
  • objective was to understand the issues to be worked on at European level. a DSI garden, already used by Germany, was shared to understand the issues important to European dealers
  • first working group meeting in Brussels during the spring meeting, where the DSI garden already used by Germany was shared and sent to Italian, German and Danish dealers during the spring
  • during the summer meeting sharing of issues arising from the DSI in Italy
  • during winter, sending the ISD to dealers also for newly participating states
Activities planned for 2024 + potential dates for meeting of the Working Group
  • Follow up by results of DSI of other country that have joined the working group and share the main topic to work on it
  • in Italy, at the end of January meeting with main supplier in order to share the main topic raised by DSI
  • sharing working themes with the European Garden Machinery Manufacturers Association to understand how to collaborate on key issues
Next meeting:
    • follow up at the end of January 2024 online
    • meeting in Belgium in March 2024 and share next steps

Country Name of representative(s)
Italy Isabella Fontana
Germany Ulrich Beckschulte
Denmark Klaus Nilssen
Belgium Hans Verstreken
UK Nick Darking

 Working group Dealers Contract
Chair: Klaus Nissen

Fair dealer contracts. We need to reach a situation where the suppliers and dealers are more equal. We seek an equal business relationship – with mutual respect.
Meetings with the suppliers and manufacturers to discuss the CLIMMAR standpoint.

Activities developed in 2023
A position paper on this subject was developed in 2018. Since then covid-19 and other issues has obstructed the further process.

Activities planned for 2024
Establish a new working group and revisit the position paper. Meetings and discussions with the key players within the suppliers & manufacturers.