CLIMMAR at the Agroshow in Bednary, Poland

Online since 23-09-2019
CLIMMAR Secretary-General Jelle Bartlema recently attended the Agroshow in Bednary, Poland, to present the CLIMMAR activities to the members of the Polish association PIGMiUR, member of CLIMMAR.
Bartlema explained the added value of the CLIMMAR membership through the current activities like the Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) and the Branch Reports and Index which give valuable data and statistics about the sector. More and more, CLIMMAR develops into a recognised lobby organisation, with concrete involvement into the Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) file and with presence in several EU working groups dealing with relevant legislative topics which are of big importance for the sector.

This development of CLIMMAR forms a challenge for the current organisation of CLIMMAR for which an internal discussion was started during at last year’s Congress in Prague. Every member association of CLIMMAR is involved in this important future of CLIMMAR discussion. The aim is to make the CLIMMAR organisation fit for the future to continue to play an important role in representing the member’s interests at different levels.