CLIMMAR Board meets CEMA President Anthony van der Ley

Online since 19-04-2019
On Wednesday 18 April, the complete CLIMMAR Board met with CEMA President Anthony van der Ley and CEMA Secretary General Jerome Bandry at the Lemken factory in Alpen, Germany. The company of which Mr. Van der Ley is the CEO.
The main reason for meeting was to “get to know each other better” and to exchange views on several files and activities of both organisations. Interesting discussions took place on several items amongst which the strategic future agendas of both organisations. CEMA is working on a strategic vision for the future. As an organisation, they want to bring together shared expertise and shape the EU legislation for the benefit of sustainable farming and the agricultural machinery and solutions sector. One of the key issues on their agenda is the topic of developments in Digital Farming and Artificial Intelligence. CEMA also is one of the founding fathers of the EU Code of Conduct on Agricultural Data Sharing. An initiative in which CLIMMAR also recently is involved by co-signing the EU Code of Conduct. 

Another important item discussed, was the mutual activities on the lobby file of the Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) legislation. In this highly complex and technical file, both organisations take an important role in drafting and shaping the standards on which technical information should be free accessible in the near future. Because of the impact of the file on the sector as a whole, close contact between the both organisations is of vital importance.
Further points of discussion were CLIMMAR’s activities on the Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI), the CLIMMAR position paper on Dealer contracts and the activities on Education and Training. The latter also is a big opportunity for both organisations to closely work together on promoting our sector to the “outside world” in a positive way as being highly innovative and interesting with great career opportunities. 

The conclusion of the meeting was, that getting to know each other and sharing information on the organisations’ points of view on certain items is of great value and should take place on a more regular basis. There are definitely opportunities for more close cooperation between CEMA and CLIMMAR!