Climmar Launches Dealer Satisfaction Index for Garden Dealerships Across Europe

Online since 23-02-2024
Climmar, the international distributor network for agricultural machinery and garden dealerships, is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive Dealer Satisfaction Index for Gardening Dealers.
The aim is to enhance collaboration between dealers and the brands they represent as we have been doing successfully for tractor brands in the countries of our members for many years and have been doing for implements in several countries for some years now. Participating countries include Italy, Denmark, UK, Belgium and Germany.
The Dealer Satisfaction Index is designed to gather valuable insights from garden dealerships regarding their experiences with various brands. Dealers will evaluate brands based on multiple criteria, including warranty terms, delivery times, availability of spare parts, and opportunities for training and education.
"We are excited to introduce the Dealer Satisfaction Index as a means to strengthen the relationships between garden dealerships and the brands they distribute," said Isabella Fontana the initiative's leader. "By collecting feedback directly from dealerships across Europe, we aim to identify areas of improvement and promote best practices within the industry."
The survey is expected to conclude soon, with results anticipated to be released in early May. Climmar encourages all garden dealerships to participate actively, as their input will play a crucial role in shaping future collaborations and enhancing overall satisfaction within the industry. Please note that the Gardening DSI should not be confused with the DSI for agricultural machinery as it covers a different area.