CLIMMAR members discuss trends and dealer challenges in agricultural machinery sector

Online since 19-10-2023
CLIMMAR, the association of Dealers and Distributors of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, held its annual Congress in Gdansk on 11-12 October 2023.
Representatives from 16 member organisations gathered to discuss the state of play and important issues on the European dealers and distributors agenda.

"A large majority of members express their passion and determination to continue in our business. The Covid-19 pandemic period has changed the agenda and accelerated some common concerns. Most of the dealers and distributors have difficulties to recruit staff, mainly in mechanics. All members are facing difficulties with stockpiling imposed by manufacturers, creating a bigger inventory - especially with Tractors and Combines. Moreover, this trend has a double impact, given that working capital has to be increased and loans are more expensive due to increasing interest rates", says CLIMMAR President Roberto Rinaldin.

The CLIMMAR working groups – branch statistics, Dealer Satisfaction Index, dealer contracts, education, exhibitions, gardening, innovation, and technical topics – reported back to the members on the progress and results of discussions. Especially the dealer contracts are an important topic for CLIMMAR members. "The relationship between suppliers/manufacturers and dealers has always been tense, which led to difficulties to operate a successful dealership with a strong and secure future. Trust and loyalty are the fundamental ingredients for a stable and profitable relationship able to weather challenges ahead. CLIMMAR members strive to a situation where the negotiating power between suppliers and dealers is more equal. Today it is simply uneven. We seek an equal business relationship – with mutual respect," stated CLIMMAR President Roberto Rinaldin.

Lobbying on the European legislation on behalf of the European dealers is one of CLIMMARs important focus points. "Thanks to the incorporation of CLIMMAR and our move to Brussels, CLIMMAR is now an established lobby organization. We had a good discussion on focus points and the way forward," concluded CLIMMAR President Roberto Rinaldin.

Next year in October 2024 the CLIMMAR-Congress will be in Germany, our member-Association LandBauTechnik-Bundesverband proudly invites us to Hamburg.

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Founded in 1953, CLIMMAR is the international distributors network of currently 16 national associations and their member companies in the Agricultural Machinery and Equipment sector. We organize and represent 19.141 European dealers and their 166.010 employees.

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