CLIMMAR officials key note speaker at several events

Online since 08-02-2019
Recently, both the CLIMMAR Secretary-General and the President were key note speakers at events in Germany and France, two large ‘CLIMMAR countries’.
On 10 and 11 January, Secretary-General Jelle Bartlema, gave two presentation about CLIMMAR activities at the Landtechnische Unternehmertage (LTU) in Würzburg, Germany. The first presentation was dedicated to the cooperation partners from CLIMMAR member LandBauTechnik. These cooperation partners are mostly suppliers of services and equipment to the members of LandBauTechnik and therefore an interesting audience for presenting the existence and whereabouts of CLIMMAR. The second presentation was given during the LTU conference itself in front of a big audience of dealers, manufacturers and suppliers.

CLIMMAR President Erik Hogervorst gave a presentation on the occasion of the centennial anniversary conference of French CLIMMAR member SEDIMA, on 1 February in Avignon, France. In the historical Castle of the Pope, President Hogervorst informed the SEDIMA members on the current activities and development within CLIMMAR, showing them that CLIMMAR is very much active and alive in defending the dealer interests on a European level.