CLIMMAR President key note at EIMA ‘Data & Agriculture’ conference

Online since 11-11-2018
EIMA 2018 featured a conference organised by Image Line focussing on big data and the benefits of new digital solutions. CLIMMAR President Erik Hogervorst closed the conference with his presentation on ‘Mechanics and digital agriculture: why they have to be connected?’
Hogervorst closed the meeting with his speech in which he explained the connection between mechanics and digital agriculture, putting the spotlight on the role of the distributor, as a link between data and the farmer. Furthermore Hogervorst’s speech highlighted that the retailer of the future will be ever more capable of managing the offered services remotely. For the user’s support of the machinery in the field, or for the solving of any problem; in the future, direct intervention on the machinery in person will no longer be necessary, as everything will be managed by digital processes.