CLIMMAR spring forum - Innsbruck

Online since 23-03-2018
Early March, the annual CLIMMAR spring forum took place. 10 out of 16 members attended this years’ edition in Innsbruck (Austria).
Topics on the agenda included the progress on RMI, the branch reports and DSI investigation, the 65th congress in Prague, and, most important, the future agenda, position papers and strategy of CLIMMAR.

By means of CLIMMAR’s future agenda and issuing position papers on relevant and prioritised topics, CLIMMAR is aiming at becoming a well-respected and professional European lobby organisation. This route was embarked upon at the 2017 congress in Luxembourg. The first two out of eight designated position papers are on collaboration with suppliers (‘dealers contracts’) and smart farming. The plan is to schedule meetings with suppliers and press on the position paper in May and June 2018. All CLIMMAR members are encouraged to schedule national (press) meetings as well as the effect of a position paper highly depends on thorough preparation and on communication. You can follow the proceedings right here on the CLIMMAR website.