CLIMMAR Spring Forum in Brussels

Online since 18-04-2016
On the 14th - 15th of April 2016 the Climmar Spring Forum was held in Brussel and perfectly hosted by the Belgium Climmar member association Fedagrim.
Brussels, headquarters of the European Union. The Climmar Spring Forum started with a visit to the EU Parliament. For many Climmar delegates an interesting and first acquaintance with this important legislative institute. For Climmar itself important as well, because of the more active roll Climmar is starting to play in the European lobby arena. Especialy the lobby item of the EU regulation 167/13 or the socalled RMI file, is of interest for the Climmar. The expert who consults on behalf of the Climmar on this topic was also present during the Spring Forum to give an update on his work.  
During the Spring Forum several more  items of interest were discussed amongst which the status of the Branch Reports and the DSI. Last but not least an update on the upcoming congress in Venice was given by the Italian colleagues.