CLIMMAR Summer meeting

Online since 04-09-2018
On 28 & 29 August, 15 representatives from 10 CLIMMAR members gathered for the Summer meeting to discuss ongoing project like the Dealer Satisfaction Index and Branch Reports.
The Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) 2018 started on 4 June and ran until 31 July. For the first time, Austria and Hungary participated in the DSI. In total, 10 member countries participated. The DSI results will be presented at the congress in Prague followed by a press release.

The Branch Reports will be expanded with a CLIMMAR Index to represent the whole sectoral (dealer) economy of Europe in only one single value. The first CLIMMAR Index will have its premiere at the Congress in Prague.

Our Belgian member association Fedagrim introduced the concept of “Learning from the best ideas of colleagues" by presenting a case study on an initiative to attract more members. By presenting and discussing the case -study, other associations might learn from this. This new idea is that at the level of branch offices, colleagues come together to prepare one or a few more topics and exchange their own solutions with each other. For the next Spring meeting in Naples in 2019, this concept will be executed.