CLIMMAR’s secret at its best

Online since 06-04-2018
CLIMMAR considers exchanging and sharing of information to be one of the secrets of the international organisation.
This valuable advantage was proven perfectly when Swedish member MaskinLeverantörerna asked for help regarding interpretation on the legislation for the new types of tractors (‘b type tractors’): wheeled tractors with a maximum design speed exceeding 40 km/h. The Swedish transport Agency told that tractor type b has to have a tachograph and apply the driving and rest times if it is driven further than 100 km from the farm. Are there any discussions regarding tachometers for tractor b in other countries?

Within a couple of weeks, multiple CLIMMAR members shared the national interpretation of the concerning regulation (EC) No 561/2006. The main conclusion is that in most countries the situation appears to be very ‘misty’ and doubtful with insufficient communication: “Nothing is definitely set or decided, nobody knows what happens in several months.”

The Swedish organisation has wrapped up all the exchanged information into one document, creating an overview of all existing national interpretations on the legislation. This overview can be helpful in the lobby activities towards the EU.