Deadlines Stage V (engine) transition postponed

Online since 10-06-2021
CLIMMAR welcomes the EU extension of the dates of the use of transition engines (built in 2019) in the power range 56 kW - 130 kW.
On 17 July 2020 the EU postponed the deadlines for the Stage V (engine) transition. This enabled the industry to use the transition engines in the power range of <56 kW and ≥130 kW for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NNRM) and Tractors with an extension of a 12 months period. This extension was however not valid for the transition engines in the power range of 56 kW till 130 kW, representing the power range that is most widely used in the agricultural sector. 

In October 2020, CLIMMAR together with CEMA and CEETTAR drafted a joint position paper towards the European Commission concerning Transition Engines built in 2019 with a power range between 56 kW and 130 kW. Since then, an intensive lobby operation was started with many (online) meetings with the responsible department of the EU Commission. 

Furthermore, through meetings with several working groups, such as Working Group on Agricultural Tractors (WGAT), Group of Experts on Machinery Emissions (GEME), Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles (TCMV), the EU Member States finally supported the industry request and urged the Commission to act. Since then, to speed up the process of decision making, intensive contacts with Members of the European Parliament from the ENVI committee were established and this, together with contacts of representatives of the current Portuguese chairmanship of the EU Council, resulted in a final positive voting by the EU Parliament on the request of our industry. 

In concreto: On 9 June 2021, the European Parliament adopted a text extending the transition provisions of certain machinery and tractors fitted with engines in the power range between 56 kW and 130 kW in order to address the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. The vote paved the way for the final adoption and publication on 24 June in the Official Journal of the European Union of the amended version of Regulation (EU) 2016/1628, which means the extended period is law by that date. A common press release on this lobby result was issued on 10 June, right after the vote in the EU parliament.