Encouraging European education agrotechnics is urgently needed.

Online since 11-09-2023
Last week, various Climmar working groups, including the Education working group, met in Paris for a short conference. In the past, various countries have consulted each other to investigate the support base for a European education network. And there is a need for it!
For example, Belgium has purchased a few study books via this network and Poland and the Netherlands have been working intensively together for some time. The result is a joint working group and over 20 books have now been translated into Polish. The Education working group continues to improve cooperation between companies and education in European Agri-tech. The initiatives are taking shape and the Education working group is now at a point where they have formulated explicit plans.

The objectives of the working group:
  • Improving the quality of vocational education for agrotechnics in the participating countries and striving for European uniformity.
  • Promoting the influx of well-educated young people into the agricultural industry in the participating countries.
  • A well-functioning and active educational working group that meets once a year.
International internships
It means that energy is invested in exchanging expertise and learning tools among Climmar members, but also creating new, modern teaching aids. Another key aspect: support enterprises with organizing international internships, which will increase the influx - within Europe - of well-educated young people into our industry/sector.

Workshops and events Education working group.
A proactive working group is indispensable to ensure the process runs smoothly.
The working group organizes various events to allow Climmar members to experience the benefits of a close collaboration.
The exchange of internships in particular has a high priority. A workshop for this purpose is planned for October 11. No shortage of interest! Various countries have already registered to participate. And you can still sign up! During the workshop you will learn more about how to guide foreign students during their internship and how to promote student exchange.

To note down in your agenda:
  • September 23, European Teacher Professionalization Day in Belgium, and the Netherlands
  • October 11, European internships workshop in Gdansk during the Climmar autumn conference
  • March 14, 2024, Presentation dealer day + speed dating options for companies and students in Brussels
  • Preparing an application for Erasmus+ subsidy in the 2nd quarter of 2024

Would you like to participate or you need more info about these events?
Contact the chairman of the working group Wim Overeem by e-mail: