Euroskills 2016 in Gothenburg 8 countries for “Agricultural mechanic” skill

Online since 05-12-2016
​Excellence, performance, endurance, preparation, stress, competition… That is what lived the 8 candidates before and during the 5th Euroskills competitions in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Mikhail Mesheryakov (18) from Russia, Anders Ebbekaer Pedersen (23) from Denmark, Maurice Bakker (23) from The Netherlands, Christian Hilpert (21) from Germany, Maurice Häner (23) from Switzerland, Thibaut Laboute (23) from France, Krisjanis Jurans (24) from Latvia, and Dominik Stauffer (23) from Austria, were the Europeans champions in their country that have brilliantly competed during 3 days on 5 assignments.
The tasks were bases on 5 big themas : hydraulics, electronics, engines, reparation and setting in motion, mechanics, and on the following machines : tractors, scrappers, big balers, forestry machine and engines.
The 8 candidates were judged on theory, practice, but also on thought process, deductive reasoning, security, explanations in English.
They have been prepared and judged by the following experts : Valeriy  Lyovin  from Russia, Per Hedetoft from Denmark,  August Mussmann form Germany,  Alexandre Cabrol from France, Janis Vitols from Latvia, Werner Seltenhammer from Austria, and of course by the Deputy chief expert Paul Sidler from Switzerland and the Chief expert Paul Dijkstra from The Netherlands.
Congratulations to all, and specially also for the medallists !
Gold : Anders Ebbekaer Pedersen from Denmark 
Silver : Christian Hilpert from Germany
Bronze : Krisjanis Jurans from Latvia