Evija Gramatina new general secretary of Latvian LTRTA

Online since 30-03-2018
Evija Gramatina has 15 years’ experience in the agricultural sector. For seven years, she as well gained experience as an executive director in a non-governmental organisation, the Latvian Agricultural Cooperatives Association.
“During recent years, good cooperation has developed with technical traders, because after a change in my life I founded my own company, which provides services for the work out and implementation of EU fund projects. Therefore, it's natural when technique dealers started to looking for a new person in office, they asked me what I think about new responsibilities, because for me the system and persons in Ministries is already known. And I said yes. The work opens up new challenges and the opportunity to meet, get to know new, smart and experienced experts in the industry and not only in Latvia but also abroad, in CLIMMAR for example. And one of big challenge is time, because there always too little time to do everything. 

The work is very interesting, although it requires a lot of energy, because it is not easy to change the system and new processes or try to do things different. I like the process that entrepreneurs can influence decision-makers, change absurd legislation, which in no way fosters entrepreneurship, but, through various constraints and tax policies, destroys long-term development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

I frequently encounter situations where entrepreneurs accept or adapt new legislations in their everyday work. But I think it's not right, they must tell to decision-makers what’s not good, what is absurd, what needs to change and what is working well. Therefore, I find it very interesting to be part of the dialogue between decision-makers and entrepreneurs, creating the most favourable conditions for business to continue to develop.

I want to activate the work of LTRTA, to promote the recognition of the organisation and to form a strong organisation involved in the development of industry and economy. I also want to strengthen the cooperation with CLIMMAR, because CLIMMAR is a very good partner for obtaining information from other EU member states and it is possible to deal with various issues jointly.”