Farmers versus bureaucracy

Online since 08-10-2018
The final day of the congress was opened by Mr. Jiří Šír, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.
Mr. Jiří Šír presented the structure and economic importance of agriculture in the Czech Republic and he also stressed the importance of maintaining the existing budget for the CAP-reform (Common Agricultural Policy). According to Šír, the CAP should also include smart farming as a tool to help make farming more sustainable. But, he also said that ‘Farmers are tired of bureaucracy and that it is time for action.’

The Deputy Minister was followed by presentations of Lina Tuvesson-Hallman (Maskin Leverantörerna, S) and Gerard Heerink (Fedecom, NL) on best practices in educational developments. Anton Verlaan, vocational education and learning consultant at Dutch OOM, ‘If employees are our greatest asset, then why do we treat them as cattle’.