Introducing a new partner: BartsParts

Online since 27-09-2018
“Dealer 2030” = Yes, but with support from BartsParts. How to convert slow-moving items into cash. With its international marketplace for spare parts, BartsParts supports dealers all around Europe so they can serve their customers better.
With a team of qualified professionals, experienced in agricultural machinery and supply chain, BartsParts has observed a recurrent issue in the industry: Regional dealers of agricultural, greencare or material handling equipment with a slow-moving inventory, and customers in other parts of the world desperately looking for those parts. To solve this problem BartsParts provides a virtual warehouse with more than 250.000 spare parts in stocks of over 65 connected warehouses in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria…. And growing! 

Research has shown that approximately 30% of the parts dealers hold on stock, can be labelled as slow moving. In Europe, conservative estimates reveal than € 700 million worth of such unmarketable parts are “laying on the shelf” costing money, time and space. 

BartsParts was founded to solve these problems, providing a solution to efficiently connect supply and demand of spare parts around the world. Still young but already providing services in 30 different countries, BartsParts has ambitious growth goals to partner with all Climmar dealers much earlier than 2030. 

Among our satisfied partners, we have Robert van der Leeden, from Staadegaard, in Haelen, The Netherlands. We kindly asked Robert to openly share with Climmar members his experience with Bartsparts:

Q: How did you get to know about BartsParts?
A: My first contact was through a call I got from BartsParts, asking us to partner with them. The first thought was "one of the many", but after having understood their solution and knowing they were aware of our current problems (a lot of frozen cash in our stock, not being able to sell it to our market), we decided to give it a try. We are glad we did as that worked out very well.

Q: What was the main reason for you to partner with BartsParts and join the platform?
A: BartsParts is different from others because it costs nothing as they work without a fee or subscription. The disadvantage of a fee is that you first have to sell multiple items in order to earn back your costs. At BartsParts, everything you sell is immediately profitable. The key is that we both share the same goal: selling parts. The more BartsParts sell and earn, the more we earn.
In addition, with BartsParts you have an international reach. We only serve a specific region; with BartsParts you go beyond your current market and reach international customers.

Q: How much stock do you promote through BartsParts and can you define which type?
A: We offer our entire stock but use differentiation in pricing of current and obsolete spare parts. Promotion of obsolete stock is our main goal, because current stock sold will be reordered again for customers in our area of responsibility. With the extra channel we now have through BartsParts we have more possibilities for extra sales. A win-win situation.

Q: After being our partner for almost a year, would you name the 3 main advantages that BartsParts brings to you?
1. BartsParts actively pursues the sale, it does not cost me any effort or time.
2. BartsParts does all communication with the end customer, saves a lot of work, particularly at international level
3. BartsParts takes care of the shipment, very convenient and no extra work for us

Q: If you have to define BartsParts as your partner, how would you describe us?
A: Accessible, Not too much work and Easy to work with. I hardly have to work on the orders as everything is taking care of. The reward must be higher than the effort put to achieve it. And that is exactly what defines BartsParts: they are a very accessible and reliable partner.

Q: If you were to recommend BartsParts to your colleagues from other dealers, how would you do it?
A: I would advise my colleagues that if they want to get rid of stock, there is no other way but working with BartsParts. 

BartsParts’ solution
  • Dealer provides a list of all the parts willing to sell; ERP connection is set up when required.
  • BartsParts upload these selected parts into their web-shops aimed at different international regions.
  • BartsParts take care of payment, logistics and customer service.
  • Dealers get paid monthly for all parts sold through the platform.

Why offer your inventory at BartsParts?
  • BartsParts collects all supply and has the largest amount of spare parts offered. And we are growing every day, so your market will grow with us.
  • There is no subscription fee and you decide pricing for your stock.
  • BartsParts takes care of all logistics and customer service involved.
  • Your inventory remains anonymous; no one can see who is offering the parts.
  • You turn (old) stock into cash!
  • Together we help people all over the world finding that specific part.
About BartsParts
BartsParts was founded by Arno Verkleij, who has been working in the world of agricultural and greencare machinery for many years. He observed a recurrent problem in the sector: a huge stock of unmarketable spare parts on the shelf on one side and, on the other side, many end users not able to find their required parts. Hence, BartsParts aims at bringing supply and demand of agricultural spare parts together in an efficient way. Currently BartsParts offers more than 250.000 spare parts in stocks of over 65 connected warehouses in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, with striving growth plans for 2019.