‘Resolve the unbalance in European dealer contracts’

Online since 18-03-2019
CLIMMAR has taken the position that contracts between suppliers and dealers are unbalanced and drafted too unilaterally.
CLIMMAR therefore calls on manufacturers to reach a situation where the suppliers and dealers are more equal. Today it is simply too uneven. Trust and loyalty are the fundamental ingredients for a stable and profitable relationship and if this does not exist between a supplier and a dealership, the future relationship will not survive changes or difficulties. We seek an equal business relationship - with mutual respect. 

Long-term exclusive contracts
  • All contracts should be on exclusive basis to support the dealer
  • Secure more equal business relationship between dealer and supplier
Termination clauses
  • Realistic clauses with exclusive rights
  • Finance/Bank
  • Financial compensation based on initial and on-going investment
  • Stock and parts return
CLIMMAR sincerely invites and encourages all suppliers to open up the dialogue towards balanced dealer contracts reflecting an equal business relationship. 

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