Sedima held their traditional regional meetings

Online since 15-12-2014

In France, the traditional 15 regional meetings of Sedima took place in November and December this year.

This is the way to meet the Sedima members, and to present during one day a lot of subjects. In the morning, actuality subjects, among them : social, conjuncture, ratios, warranty, and in the afternoon, two big subjects : presentation by the national Gendarmerie about the steal of tractors and how to protect the dealerships, and analysis of the spare parts service and the self-service shops.
The global programme is the same for all regions, but some special focus on economical points related to the region are also part of the, stocks, conjuncture, views of farmers, ratios…
Anne Fradier, General Secretary of Sedima, is present for all the meetings, while members of the Board and of the office are also present alternately
This ‘Tour de France’ in autumn is also interesting for the Sedima team, to listen directly to the questions and remarks of members. The professional colleges are invited during that day, and a topic concerning the actions for vocational training is presented.
Our Belgian colleagues attended one of the meetings and could discuss with the members about the different topics.