Small steps bring great results

Online since 20-12-2018
President Erik Hogervorst evaluates the year 2018.

The year 2018 has been a year with different faces and feelings. Most of our members report a positive development on sales and after sales. The CLIMMAR organisation itself evaluates 2018 as a year with an increasing positive feeling on the DSI (Dealer Satisfaction Index) and I feel that we have become a more professional organisation. We don’t take big steps but we are improving!

On the other hand, our members are coping with labour shortages and price increases because of the shortage in (raw) materials. And somehow, to my opinion at least, we don’t grasp the opportunities and possibilities of modern agriculture and garden machinery. It is almost as if we don’t believe or don’t want to see that we live in a time of great possibilities. Why is this?

People need stability
I think all people are looking for security. A familiar future where we can work towards. But this is a time where everybody is convinced that the future is insecure and this makes us afraid of change. Some politicians make use of this and try to take the words out of our mouths. The good thing about this is that people are heard. The bad thing however might be that addressing the problems, doesn’t bring solutions. Why do we tend to focus on problems instead of on solutions?

We all long for stability. But addressing a problem won’t bring us stability, food and a safe place to work and live. The rat race in the society surrounding us, leaves little time to realise what we have. We forget to be happy and be satisfied with that. I feel that this time of year helps us to remember and cherish what we have and to set the goals for tomorrow.

We need leaders in our world that are able to listen to the people and provide the answers. We need leaders that understand what is needed tomorrow. You are a leader if you “don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. This makes you a part of the solution.

Proud of CLIMMAR
I am proud that within CLIMMAR we have this atmosphere. We work together and share our ideas without restraints. This brings great results. It proves how a small group is able to shed a light on the huge changes and challenges in our line of business. We initiated the unique CLIMMAR Index to describe and objectify how our members see the current and future expectations of our branch trends.

We have created position papers on crucial subjects like dealer - supplier relations and smart farming. Our lobby activities are getting more and more recognised and valued. The DSI is increasingly respected by tractor brands and we (will) manage to have suppliers focus better on the business and satisfaction of our members, the dealerships.

I am happy that we are able to work together in our industry. Even on difficult and much debated topics like RMI, we are able to share our ideas and thoughts. This helps in creating understanding and when we understand each other, we are able to work together. 

This is my Christmas wish to all off you: CLIMMAR members, members of stakeholders in our line of business and all of you reading this message. If we try to understand each other, we are able to work and live together! 

Yours sincerely,
Erik Hogervorst
President of CLIMMAR