Stockholm congress big success: CLIMMAR takes on active role in RMI lobby

Online since 22-10-2015

During the 62th annual CLIMMAR Congress, held from 15th – 18 th of October in Stockholm, Sweden, the General Assembly of CLIMMAR voted positively on the proposal to become involved and start playing an active lobby role concerning the EU 167/2013 Regulation on Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI). An important decision since the discussion on RMI effects the heart of the branch and is vital for customer satisfaction. CLIMMAR will play its part in explaining the details of servicework of agricultural machinery to the EU Commission and by doing so, defending the rights of the trade and repair companies and to secure the quality of service they provide to the customers.

This was one of the important results of the congress in which some 50 representatives from 15 member countries came together. They discussed and exchanged information on important issues like national market developments, facts and figures within the branch, education and training activities. Also the first analysis of the EU Dealer Satisfaction Index Tractors 2015 was presented as was the draft new mid-term strategy plan 2016-2018 for Climmar. Besides defining a vision and mission, four strategic goals are defined in the plan where the CLIMMAR shall work on in the years to come. These strategic goals are:
  1. Respected lobby organization: take action on  the impact and image of CLIMMAR
  2. Improve the image and awareness of mechanics in the European Branch
  3. Strengthen the position and profitability of European agromachinery-dealers by better tools to measure performance of dealers in member-countries
  4. At least five new members of CLIMMAR 
Some interesting and inspiring contributions by different speakers were made during the Congress:
  • The European Used Equipment Market by Petr Thiel, managing director of Lectura GmbH;
  • EuroSkills 2016 in Gothenburg by Tommy Hellstrom, projectmanager for EuroSkills 2016;
  • Reasons to get involved in EU decision making, an update on CEMA Lobby Issues by Ulrich Adam, Secretary-General of CEMA;
  • Preview of Agitechnica 2015, by Freya von Czettritz, Projectmanager Agritechnica;
  • Let the environment guide our development by Professor Kevin Noone of the Stockholm University;
  • Organic farming and agro ecology as momenta for sustainable development of food systems by Professor Erik Steen Jensen of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences;
  • How DeLaval makes sustainable food production possible by Mats Nilsson, Director Engineering AMS;
  • The future of soil preparation and drilling by Crister Stark, CEO of Väderstad Verken AB. 
CLIMMAR President Erik Hogervorst: “The Stockholm Congress of CLIMMAR was a big success! The reports of all the work and activities done by the working groups, the presentations which were given by inspiring speakers during this congress, the important decisions which were made, it all leads to the conclusion that CLIMMAR is more alive than ever! CLIMMAR is a partner in creating value for the professional European trade and repair companies!