The future is being (re)shaped

Online since 19-12-2019
In 2019, CLIMMAR took the opportunity √°nd challenge to look into the mirror and evaluate its own achievements and set future targets.
The challenges for shaping the (new) future of CLIMMAR were raised at the Spring Forum in Naples, Italy in April. Working group 1 prepared a questionnaire on the future of CLIMMAR for the member nations. 

The results of the questionnaire and the discussions that followed, were very clear. All members are happy with what CLIMMAR is doing concerning activities, communication, lobby work, impact and working groups. And the thrive to make CLIMMAR grow further towards a respected professional (lobby) organisation representing European agricultural and garden machinery dealers, certainly is there. All members agreed on putting in extra time and effort to bring CLIMMAR further. A working program for 2020 will be set up to make clear for everybody what they can do and how each member nation can contribute to (re)shaping the future of CLIMMAR.