The new CLIMMAR magazine is out

Online since 29-06-2018
The new CLIMMAR magazine is out now. It gives an overview of the activities of our members from all over Europe representing a total of 19.185 dealers and 158.799 employees.

This 56 pages magazine, available in English, in German and in French, contains detailed information of the various activities of CLIMMAR, including:

  • CLIMMAR’s new Future Agenda and Position Papers about 8 themes/trends influencing the dealer landscape and which actions CLIMMAR will be taking
  • Statistical figures by the Branch Reports on the development of markets and structures, conjuncture trends and companies’ averages. With detailed statistical information about agricultural dealerships in Europe
  • Information on Training & Education programs as the promotion of the trade of Agricultural machinery and equipment mechanic is one of the focus points of CLIMMAR
  • Results of the annual Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) with which CLIMMAR investigates the relationship between the tractor dealers and their brands
  • Conclusions of the 64th CLIMMAR Congress held in Luxembourg in 2017

Furthermore, it describes the activities and key points that each member association undertakes for its members, as well as the contact details of all members.

A copy of the CLIMMAR magazine is freely available for downloading:

English CLIMMAR MagazineFrench CLIMMAR Magazine German CLIMMAR Magazine