Tim Europe to accelerate lifelong learning in European countries

Online since 24-01-2020
At the beginning of this year, CLIMMAR members Belgium, Hungary, Poland and The Netherlands made the first agreements to elaborate a new project called Tim Europe.
Tim is an education platform developed in The Netherlands that has developed teaching material what makes the sector more future-proof thanks to intensive cooperation between national education and companies. Dutch branch organisation Fedecom takes care of budget and timing updates and monitors the quality of the Erasmus + Tim Europe project.

A steering committee has been set up for the four-year Tim Europe project, composed from representatives of the four countries. The main objective of the partnership is to make existing Dutch teaching material in mechanisation accessible to branch organisations and educational partners in Europe. The next step is to transfer the acquired knowledge and practice to European partners through sustainable cooperation, hopefully funded by Erasmus+, in Tim Europe. 

Another important part of the intended project is to solve the shortage of technicians / engineers in mechanisation. To achieve this, a program is being developed to highlight the advantages of working in this sector and a possible collaboration with local programs within the countries of the partners will be studied. Furthermore, the partners will also try to learn from each other’s best practices for attracting talented people.

European digital learning environment
A European platform will be established from which various activities will be coordinated. It has been agreed that the existing educational material from Tim Netherlands will be primarily translated into Polish, English, German, French and Hungarian. Concrete components of the Tim Europe platform are a website, the formation of working groups and the existence of a digital learning environment for students, teachers and employees.

Plan of action
The steering committee meets every four months in Belgium. This is to guarantee the progress of the project and to give an important boost to sharing and disseminating knowledge throughout Europe. The plan of action will be drawn up by the steering committee in the coming months. Various operational aspects of the project need to be addressed in order to execute them according to a precise timetable. All these intentions will be summarised in an overall plan. If Tim Europe is approved, the project will start on 1 October 2020.