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We are pleased to inform you that, after a process that lasted about 6 years, agricultural machinery dealers, repair shops, spare parts dealers, garden machinery dealers, forestry, livestock and irrigation machinery dealers, agricultural machinery hirers and gardeners and used machine sellers have a single home: FEDERACMA.

FEDERACMA is the new Italian Federation of National Associations of Machinery Traders and of the Territorial ACMA, operating in the context of CONFCOMMERCIO- Imprese per l'Italia and CONFCOMMERCIO MOBILITA'. The objective of FEDERACMA is to protect the interests of the categories operating in the above mentioned sectors and improve margins, job safety and specific training, proposing new laws, interacting with all the subjects of the supply chain, drawing up agreements with service companies and participating in groups of work that the institutions organize. The continuous contact with the categories that make up our federation will be developed with continuous communication through traditional channels, social networks, road shows and fairs.

A series of UNIONS will operate within Federacma:
UNACMA National Union of Agricultural Machinery Dealers
UNAGREEN National Union of hobby and professional Garden Machinery Dealers
UNASERVICE National Union of Repair Shops Specializing in Agricultural Machinery and Gardening
UNAPARTS National Union of Agricultural Spare Parts and Small Equipment Specialists
UNASAI National Union of specialists in forestry, livestock and irrigation machinery
UNARENT National Union of Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Renters
UNASECONDHAND National Union of Used Agricultural Machinery Dealers
and other Unions for specific needs can be created.
However, the project is even more ambitious and therefore the Federation also foresees the entry of vertical aggregations such as National Trade and Services Associations, with their statute and autonomous bodies, into the world of earthmoving, construction and of renters etc. These associations will not have the same reference sectors as the UNIONS already defined and divided by areas of interest within the Federation. Then there are horizontal aggregations, the ACMA (Macchine Traders Associations), created in the territory (provinces / regions) between retailers of parallel sectors but which never before had come together, not even under the aegis of the territorial Traders Associations that report to Confcommercio.
Basically, with the exception of the Automotive sector, partly present in Confcommercio Mobilità (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, campers, buses, trucks, vans, etc.) and that of industrial machines, machine tools and the like, all operators (excluding manufacturers and users) who are interested in agricultural and operating machinery may fall within the scope of FEDERACMA.
We wrote some time ago that "We believe in the real and active participation of members and we want a Federation founded on ethical and solidarity values ​​and the objectives we set ourselves are awareness, professionalism and margins.
It is time to increase the participation of those entrepreneurs who will be able to increasingly recognize their competitors in the area as "colleagues" and not just as competitors.

Federazione Italiana delle Associazioni Nazionali
dei Commercianti Macchine e delle ACMA Territoriali

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