CLIMMAR Branch Report and Dealers Satisfaction Index at the Agritechnica 2023

Online since 13-11-2023
CLIMMAR presented the Branch Report and Dealers Satisfaction Index at the Agritechnica 2023

Branch Report

The current situation with dealers and service in ag-branch in Europe in the first half of 2023 is still positive.

As the European Roof-Association of ag-machinery dealers and service-enterprises in Europe (CLIMMAR) reports, the current situation for the about 16,000 members in the first half of 2023 was still positivewhat means: the turnover-growth continued – if even just a bit. In between a scale of -3 (worst) up to 3 (maximum) the CLIMMAR-Index* shows an +0.47. But this seems to come to an end: the members expect for II/2023 (second half year) an ongoing decrease until +0.16.

The reason for the decreasing turnover-growth is to be seen in the machinery sales: except for Switzerland and UK, all CLIMMAR-members expect standstill or decrease for machinery-turnover. On the other hand, the development for workshop- or spare parts-turnover continues more or less on an equal and high level. Another aspect is the increasing stock, especially of new machinery: In corona-time, there was a problem to get machines; so many dealers ordered more than usual. Meanwhile the equipment is available and sent out to the dealers, but the customers aren ́t that willing to invest that high, even the same machine meanwhile is much more expensive. This and the long-time not-known growing interest charges are a powder keg for the dealerships all over Europe. Here the manufacturers are sitting in the same boat, their dealers urgently expect support.

* CLIMMAR-Index shows in just one figure the current average situation of the branch; here the feedback due to different turnover-generators and expectations for turnover and investments from enterprises of all CLIMMAR-members flow in.

The Dealers Satisfaction Index
For its 13th edition, the survey took place from April to May 2023; and involved now 11 countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, and also Luxembourg and Sweden for the first time this year.

The aim of the survey is not to compare one brand with another but to provide a basis for discussion to improve areas of dissatisfaction.

Over the last five years, we note that the average tends to stabilize around 12.9, and the difference in points between the brand with the highest score and the one with the lowest score fell from 4 to 1.6.
We note that this year the trend is for relations between manufacturers and distributors to deteriorated for 6 brands and 4 brands are improving.
And finally, the Index focused on the financing offers, which has received unanimous support with significant reductions.

Presentation and full reports available here for the Branch Report and DSI